It is important to develop a team that reflects your business goals while providing opportunities for employee skills growth and development.

HR Strategies To Grow Your Business
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HR Strategies To Grow Your Business

Creating a team that aligns with your business growth strategy requires effective management of both internal and external HR solutions. It is important to develop a team that reflects your business goals while providing opportunities for employee skills growth and development.

So how do you best tap into the expertise and knowledge of your team to take your business to the next level? There are several key steps you can take that will help you identify areas where you can grow your employee knowledge as well as create a better dialogue between management and staff. This will allow you to identify areas where your employees can utilize or grow their skills to improve your business. It also creates an opportunity to fill personnel and training gaps to ensure your team is maximizing their production potential.

Employee Development

Are you allowing your employees to expand their knowledge base? Many employers assume that a degree will be enough to cover their skill needs. Technology and industry protocols are always changing. That’s why it’s important to create learning opportunities for your team through classes, webinars and ongoing training to ensure your business is always ready for the latest technology or knowledge shift.

Succession Planning

Do you have redundancy in place for staff shortages or long-term management? The recent COVID-19 crisis has taught many businesses that there needs to be redundancy in place to ensure that business can continue in the event of emergency or natural business succession. Begin reviewing your existing team’s skills and knowledge to identify any employees who may be ready to take on more responsibility or who could fill leadership roles. Work with them to identify their strengths and fill areas where skills are lacking to ensure a smooth transition between roles.

Hiring and Employee Performance

Do you take the time to provide your employees with regular feedback? Providing updates on work performance and areas that require improvement can help you assemble a team that is both cohesive and results-driven. Areas that you can highlight with your employees include:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Areas of improvement
  • Concerns regarding work performance or attendance
  • Suggestions for workplace improvement
  • Training and learning opportunities

Remember workplace performance evaluations should focus on team building and employee performance improvement. Listen to your employees so you can discover areas where you can be a better leader and provide the necessary guidance and support your team needs to do a better job.

Leadership and Engagement

Leadership within the company determines the overall workplace experience. Do you want to create a space that is focused on improving how you do business and creating opportunities for skills development. Just like improving skills for employees, leadership development is key to creating a productive workplace. Take the time to work with your managers to develop their leadership skills and abilities. This raises the level of communication within your organization as well as enhances overall team production. By assembling a management team that understands both the needs of the company and the employees, you can create a workspace that is aligned with your business goals and driven towards finding solutions.


Are your employees being stretched too thin or being called upon to perform tasks they may not be qualified to do? Outsourcing can help solve these problems by allowing you to utilize experts in areas of HR, IT, Recruitment and Consultancy so you can focus on managing your business. Take the time to regularly review your business protocols in these key areas to ensure there are no knowledge or personnel gaps. If there are, then outsourcing them can ensure that your business continues to move forward with the right people in place to handle these key functions.

Your team is the backbone of your business. Utilizing these strategies will help you assemble a team that can move your business forward and create opportunities for increased growth and profitability.