Executive Management Commitment

Saudi Technologies’ leadership hereby unconditionally commits to respecting the data privacy of our clients or any other parties who are engaging with us.

We confirm this undertaking covers not only data collected through online communications but also information you might disclose to us verbally through telephone calls or in meetings etc.

This is a strict value that is shared by every single employee of Saudi Technologies.

We also confirm that we operate in full compliance with the privacy laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the event we need to modify the detail of our privacy policy, this will be communicated to all our contacts and the new version will be available to the public domain through our website.

Data we may collect

To facilitate the provision of services on your behalf, we may need to collect (verbally or via email/website/text) and then store, the following basic indicative data including your:

  • IP address;
  • contact information (phone numbers, email id, text addresses, postal address, key contact names);
  • current business status including the nature of your operations and your requirements/challenges – as you choose to disclose to us;
  • job title or other meaningful designation;
  • any honorifics or entitlements you require to be used as part of addressing formal communications to you (e.g., “Sir”, “Doctor”, “PhD” etc.);
  • gender – only used as required for correct forms of address and grammar in communications;
  • your behaviours on our website – by this we mean noting those pages that appear to be of specific interest to you whilst browsing.

In addition, we may inevitably need to ask you for additional very detailed information relating to the specifics of your requirements to allow us to construct a proposal. This information is highly variable and cannot be specified with precision here.

Typically, this specific detail is collected through meetings and discussions.

Why we collect and store your data

To communicate with you and define services to meet your needs, we must retain certain information about you, your company and its operations.

This essential data collection has not changed in centuries. Today’s IT only changes the way service providers might collect, store and access it.


All of our IT systems, including those that might hold information relating to you, are fully protected by state-of-the-art security systems.

These are designed, amongst other things, to stop intrusions and third parties from gaining unauthorised access to the information we hold about you.

Audit right

You have the right to demand, at any time, a full listing of all the information we hold about you and your company.

We can only provide this to someone from your company who has been duly authorised, in writing and in advance, to access such a list by your executive management.

We require 48 hours notice from the receipt of the letter to the provision of the audit list. This is to ensure we have accessed all systems and that our listing is comprehensive.


We may store information relating to your preferences when using our website (etc.) on your PC. These are small files called “cookies”.

These are entirely harmless and serve only to help us to make sure your access to our website and other services is directed immediately to the areas that are relevant for you.

Cookies cannot:

  • allow us to take over your PC;
  • permit us to see what you are doing on your PC;
  • copy data from your systems.

However, you can easily switch off and prohibit the use of cookies through your internet browser software.


All data you provide us with, whether electronically, verbally or on paper, is regarded by us as being strictly confidential.

It will not be disclosed to any third party without your written permission in advance.

That authorised disclosure may be required, in some cases, to facilitate engagement with third parties such as candidates we are seeking on your behalf to help fill a position.

We will never disclose, sell or give, your data to any third party for marketing purposes – unless you have so requested in advance.

Please note, in some cases, due legal process may force us to disclose data – for example, a court case which so orders. The principle of complying with a legal order would override our confidentiality guarantees.

Data storage – governing law

We will never send your data outside of the legal jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without your prior permission.

The laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be the governing legal framework under all circumstances.

Links and third-party propositions

Our website may at times contain what we believe to be potentially useful links to the websites of other providers or authorities.

Saudi Technologies has no control over the content of such sites or the way their providers conduct their dealings. We therefore cannot accept responsibility for such content in terms of accuracy or integrity.

Your rights of data deletion

You have the right to ask us to delete all information we hold about you and your company.

We will comply where legally possible but this right may be restricted in cases where:

  • the law may require us to keep files of many types of financial transactions and commitments: 
  • basic audit requirements may require likewise for up to several years (e.g., invoices, payments etc.); 
  • signed contractual agreements relating to commitments and costs cannot be deleted;
  • communications, such as emails, may need to be retained where they relate to instructions for work, change requests and so on.

You can, at any time, ask to be removed from our mailing lists.

Questions or concerns

Many of the above issues involve legal definitions. Unfortunately, it is not practical to explore those in full detail here.

We, therefore, invite you to contact us without delay if you have any questions or uncertainties relating to our privacy policy.