Purpose of the document

This document provides an overview of the terms and conditions offered by Saudi Technologies.

Its objective is to help clients and potential clients to select an engagement model which is both suitable and cost-effective.

It forms part of Saudi Technologies’ ongoing commitment to transparency. However, not all types of the agreement mentioned below will necessarily be appropriate or applicable in every single engagement context.

Saudi Technologies reserves the right to offer or not offer some of these engagement models, as necessitated by the circumstances of a particular situation.

Relationship to contract

Please note that this is NOT a contractually-binding statement.

Each individual engagement will have its own individual contract which is the governing definition for the relationship between Saudi Technologies and their clients.

Forms of engagement

Depending upon the exact context, we may be able to offer one or more of the following:

Candidate selection for permanent recruitment

Here a client will have a requirement for a person or people, who will be hired onto their own establishment’s headcount and payroll.

Saudi Technologies’ role will typically involve candidate identification (headhunting and advertising) plus initial screening. Eventual responsibility for final candidate recruitment and appointment will reside with the client.

Our fees here split into two:

  • expenses and related fees, arising from initial recruitment activities on the client’s behalf (advertising, travel etc.);
  • a commission based upon an agreed percentage of the candidate’s salary once appointed. No commission is payable unless a final appointment is made.

Initial expenses and fees for recruitment activities on behalf of the client are not refundable. The salary-based appointment commission will be refundable if the candidate leaves of their own accord, for any reason, within the first three months. No refund will be issued if the candidate is dismissed, is unable to work due to ill-health or the client changes their mind about the position and makes the role redundant.

Contractor roles

This type of engagement typically involves Saudi Technologies recruiting personnel and placing them into the client’s establishment to work on a non-permanent basis. The duration will vary depending upon the requirements.

The individuals do not join the client’s headcount and remuneration and all other pay-and-reward issues are handled by Saudi Technologies.

The client will have final approval of candidates presented to them by Saudi Technologies. This model is commonly referred to as “Contracting” and once selected, a candidate’s designation changes to “the contractor”.

The client remains responsible for managing the contractor on a day-to-day basis and for assessing their overall performance.

  • The client will be billed monthly by Saudi Technologies, for the services of the contractor;
  • All valid expenses incurred by the contractor in the service of the client, such as for travel and accommodation to a location other than their normal place of work, will be refundable by the client;
  • The client must not seek to recruit the contractor on a permanent basis without the prior agreement of Saudi Technologies and the payment of an agreed fee;
  • The services of the contractor may be terminated at any time by the client with a notice of 4 weeks to Saudi Technologies. No previous payments are refundable, irrespective of the reason;
  • Should the contractor leave of their own volition, Saudi Technologies undertakes to provide the client with 4 weeks’ notice on a best-endeavours basis. They will also undertake to replace the contractor as quickly as possible.

Fixed-deliverable assignments

Here, Saudi Technologies will commit to delivering a specific piece of work or pieces of work.

A specification of what is required will be agreed with the client in advance. Once that is complete, Saudi Technologies will offer the client a priced proposition:

  • The proposal may be a fixed-price proposition. In such cases, Saudi Technology will accept all costs associated assuming they relate to the commitment as originally defined and confirmed. Work not originally specified, such as additional requirements, will be subject to change control and additional costing/agreement. Personnel will be provided, remunerated and managed by Saudi Technologies;
  • In other instances, the client may wish to select a “time and materials” basis for the contract, with hours worked being recorded and charged on an agreed hourly basis along with legitimate expenses. This means greater flexibility for the client in terms of dynamic change but they will need to accept that the eventual total cost may be harder to predict and control. Again, all resources will be provided and managed by Saudi Technologies.

Managed services provision

Here the client will be able to contract Saudi Technologies to provide external services at an agreed price. Examples might include data centre services, disaster recovery provisions, offsite backups and Cloud storage etc.

There is considerable potential variation here but broadly speaking:

  • Services may be provided to specified consumption levels, for a fixed fee per annum – typically billed monthly or quarterly. Variation will be subject to change management;
  • Billed by consumption. Here Saudi Technologies will provide a service based upon your estimated levels but which is charged based on actual use not a fixed fee. Sometimes called “Metered Services”, Saudi Technologies will build in sufficient redundancy to ensure that peaks in your demand are coped with instantly and without risk to your services infrastructure.


Saudi Technologies exists to help its clients succeed, including offering expert consultancy services.

This involves making available to clients, some of the leading intellectual capital available in the marketplace. That can be ideal for clients where there is insufficient justification for hiring at expert on either a permanent on contract basis.

Typically involving short-duration activities of perhaps some hours or day, sometimes spread over a lengthy time period, consultancy brings a huge amount of varied expertise to the table on an ‘as required’ basis for advice and guidance plus small pieces of individual work. Typically:

  • Some elements of consultancy are offered free-of-charge, as part of sales engagement and existing client services. Saudi Technologies will always notify you when this is not the case and guarantee no unpleasant surprises or unexpected invoices;
  • Some clients may choose to select retainer services. This is the payment of a fixed quarterly fee in advance, which purchases the provision of a specified number of consultancy hours in the period ahead. These can be ‘drawn down’ as required and is typically cost-effective;
  • Standard consultancy will be charged at an agreed hourly rate and based upon the number of hours the client requires;
  • The consultant(s) will be under Saudi Technologies’ management;
  • As external personnel, the consultant will not need to be interviewed by the client – Saudi Technologies accepts full responsibility for the quality of their work;
  • The hourly fee will be supplemented by legitimate expenses incurred in the pursuance of their duties on the client’s behalf (e.g. travel, accommodation where required etc.).


Saudi Technologies recognises that today’s business world is diverse and multi-faceted.

As such, it isn’t possible to define in advance all engagement models that might fit a given scenario. We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility of approach and here we have only briefly outlined some of the more common engagement models we operate.

We will be able to work with you to define a joint partnership framework that will meet your needs.