Change is endemic within the 21st-century business. Even if an enterprise has reached today’s milestones and plateaux, it must already be transforming itself to be ready to grasp the opportunities tomorrow offers. Saudi Technologies offers a wide range of organisational transformation and development services. These help our clients to ensure management of the status-quo, while at the same time, positioning to exploit those ‘over the horizon’ vistas.

Change Management

Change programmes within an organisation offer exciting possibilities of leveraging opportunities or removing inhibitors. However, with any significant change also comes risk. That risk is not only associated with problems in the programme itself but also that which arises from things such as inter-dependencies and conflicts with other initiatives.

Managing a change programme is challenging. We will deploy skills in areas such as Programme Direction, stakeholder engagement, project planning, budgetary control, risk management and quality assurance, to help deliver your initiatives.

Change Management – Skills Transfer

Our expert Programme Directors and Project Managers can work alongside your personnel in parallel, for a period designed to up-skill your employees to best practice standards and to kick-start your initiatives. We will hand over to them once you have confidence in your and their ability to continue unaided, though we are always available for ad-hoc advice and help.

Strategic Management & Planning

Managing change in-flight is a very different proposition to identifying what change is required in order to deliver ongoing business success. It is strategic business engineering that defines the required change.

We have specialists in this discipline, bringing to your table expert knowledge of things such as national and international economics, business trends, business metrics, global demand for specific goods/services and even politics.

Human Resource Information Systems (H.R.I.S.)

It’s sometimes overlooked that HR systems are typically the most closely inspected in any organisation. That’s because employees turn to them very regularly to inspect things such as their salary payment, pension contributions, taxation statements and also for their periodic performance review appraisals.

Equally, your HRIS offer a foundation to support the development of your personnel and their potential to contribute to the organisation. Saudi Technologies can help you to install and manage market-leading HR IT systems.

HR Compliance

Both the law and public scrutiny demand a large number of best practices to be adopted in terms of the recruitment and employment of personnel. Transgressions here may result in reputational damage and/or legal action against you. This domain requires vast experience in modern HR practices and an understanding of the law. It is also advisable to run periodic HR compliance audits to make sure that your organisation is fully compliant.

We have some of the most experienced HR consultants operating today in Saudi Arabia.


Training and developing your personnel, allows their potential to grow. That is something that benefits them and your enterprise. That’s because employee morale is higher and their productivity greater, where there is a clear and visible investment in training and on-development of people.

Our people development programmes can transform the contribution potential of your employees.


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  • Change Management

    We can deliver the change your enterprise requires to grow and proposer in the 21st century within a controlled framework.

  • Strategic Management & Planning

    Our analysts can highlight exactly where your company needs to position itself to gain a business advantage for the years ahead.

  • Human Resource Information Systems (H.R.I.S.)

    Let us install the HR IT Systems that will change the way you see, develop and eventually deploy, your personnel.

  • HR Compliance

    Saudi Technologies can audit your HR practices for compliance and transform those that need it, into ‘best practice’ HR processes.

  • Change Management – Skills Transfer

    Our expert leadership can mobilise and launch your project alongside your own personnel, whilst up-skilling them at the same time.

  • Training

    Our training programmes can augment and up-date the skills of your personnel in multiple areas, increasing their productivity and morale.



Companies that stand still and become complacent will struggle to proposer and my not even survive in the 21st century. Don’t allow change to be forced on you by events – take control and get ahead of the curve.

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Being back with Saudi Technologies just gives me peace of mind knowing that my technology is functioning seamlessly behind the scenes without it interfering with and disrupting our day-to-day operations.


Late in the evening I recived a requst from our director to get get a set of softwar and laptops. We needed them by noon the next day. But (Abdullah) was able to get those to us first thing in the morning.

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    We Deliver

    Identifying required change is one thing, delivering it is quite another. Our expert leadership personnel will drive your initiatives to success and in a managed-risk fashion.

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    We Transfer Knowledge

    We want our clients to eventually be self-sufficient. We always work to pass on our skills and capabilities to local personnel so that our clients have a choice for future resourcing.

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