Your enterprise needs to focus its talents and skills on its mission, vision and values. In reality though, you probably encounter daily the value-destroying distractions of needing to divert critical personnel, plus your own leadership time and energy, onto non-core operations. The more time spent on such, the less is available for your mainstream business direction.

Saudi Technologies offers a range of outsourced services to help. We deploy the skills and functional solutions to operationally support your enterprise, allowing you and your personnel to concentrate on your mainline business purpose. Our outsourcing can be delivered through centres of excellence either locally in the same country (onshore) or internationally (offshore).

Our outsourcing solutions include:

  • Cloud storage;
  • managed backups & E-archiving;
  • business continuity & disaster recovery;
  • system security;
  • system management & monitoring.

 Cloud storage

Accessing your data from anywhere is one of the major facilitators offered by the Cloud. The Cloud also reduces your exposure to single point of failure risks.

Managed backups & E-archiving

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. Lose it and your business may go with it. Data loss can happen due to malicious activities, unintentional human error, force majeure natural events or technology failures. Getting your data back and quickly, may be critical for your company’s survival. We offer a full range of data backup and archiving solutions.

Business continuity & disaster recovery

However well you plan, things can go wrong. If they are of a significant magnitude, they may stop you from conducting your business. We can offer a full spectrum of business continuity services from alternative standby power sources right up to the provision of ready-to-go mirrored sites.

System security

Regrettably, there are individuals and organisations in the world who may harbour ill-intent towards your enterprise. Their objectives may be to obtain commercial advantage, to impact the progression of your business, commercial espionage, financial theft or in some cases, simple vandalism. Whatever their motivation, they will seek to attack your IT infrastructures. Saudi Technologies has security software and related expertise to stop their intrusions.

System management and monitoring

Your IT systems require expert daily operational management. We can provide the expertise to undertake this function for you, freeing you up from needing to recruit and retain your own system management expertise. This can reduce your down-time and improve response times etc. We can provide these services remotely.

Imagine several months passing without having to worry about an IT-related issue. No hassles over software updates or integration, no frustration around downtime and no lost sleep over a security breach. You’re away from the office, feeling confident that your company’s complete IT infrastructure is being fully taken care of.

The long and short of it: Our Managed IT services give you the best value for the money. It proactively provides seamless technology integration, updated systems and expert technical support at all times—not just when something breaks.

It meets all of your IT needs, plus increases your team’s efficiency and productivity.


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  • Cloud storage

    Reduce your corporate risk exposure whilst leveraging the benefits of ‘access from anywhere’ systems and data through Cloud storage solutions.

  • Managed Backups and E-Archiving

    Make sure your business-critical data are available for immediate restoration to your systems in the event of a major loss.

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

    Have available a full business recovery standby solution in the event your business or premises are put out of action.

  • System Security

    Protect your Information Technology systems and infrastructure from unauthorised malicious or mischievous intrusion leading to data theft, corruption or destruction.

  • System Management & Monitoring

    Drive increased performance and reduced downtimes both within a lower-cost profile by moving your systems to our outsourced service capacity.

  • Business Operations

    By outsourcing your routine and non-core operational and administrative services you can yield major productivity increases and cost savings.



Our dynamic services will dovetail into your business operations seamlessly and you’ll see immediate benefits. We operate across a vast range of business sectors and we will have a solution or solutions for you.

Don’t tolerate expensive, inefficient or just distracting in-house operations. Instead, just contact us to see how we can help. 


The thing with having your own business is that there is so much to do and little time to do it and every small thing that gets your attention takes away from your goal. Saudi technologies take that load off our shoulders.


We didn’t know that we can outsource half of our workload and really focus on our dream. Thanks, Saudi technology for showing us the way to do it.

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    Our team has some of the most skilled technicians in the marketplace. Add to that several decades of corporate experience, and you have a platform for exemplary outsourcing solutions.

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    We discuss your opportunities and challenges in plain business terms. We do not use techno-jargon that could get in the way of your understanding and benefits.

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