Most corporate companies now practice the Business Process Outsourcing model, and contained in the model is the Recruitment Outsourcing Process, popularly referred to as RPO. It entails getting a third party to contribute to a company’s employee recruitment.

7 Benefits of Using IT Recruitment Services
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7 Benefits of Using IT Recruitment Services


Most corporate companies now practice the Business Process Outsourcing model, and contained in the model is the Recruitment Outsourcing Process, popularly referred to as RPO. It entails getting a third party to contribute to a company’s employee recruitment.

The success of an organization relies strongly on the labour force that powers it. And so, regardless of whether they are there on a temporary or permanent basis, your employees are your strongest assets, and much care may be taken in the recruitment process. 

Outsourcing Recruitment vs Hiring Yourself

Since recruitment is an integral part of an organization’s success story, some may think it is better left in the hands of in-house members of staff and should not be outsourced. But when you consider the complexity of the hiring process coupled with the plethora of regulations that govern the labor market, you will understand that you need help getting the right people into your company. However, hiring yourself, that is, relying on an in-house team to handle recruitment has some pros. 

In-house Recruitment

Control and trust, because the in-house recruiters are members of your staff, you can set the tone for the entire recruitment process. You can trust that they will put your company’s welfare first.

Personal talent pool

In-house recruitment allows you to develop a talent pool that may come in handy for future recruitments. As the resources used are in-house, you are entitled to maintain a data bank of shortlisted candidates. And those candidates who do not meet the cut-off requirement in the current recruitment campaign can prove adequate in another campaign. 

Improved Communication

Your company’s culture will not be strange to in-house recruiters because they are familiar with it. So, it is easier for them to collaborate with any department to develop a recruitment strategy that will better suit your recruitment needs. 

Benefits of IT Recruitment

If hiring yourself offers as many benefits as listed above, what are the benefits of IT recruitment, that is, relying on an external service provider to handle some or all of your staffing needs?

Better quality hires

Much more than filling a vacant role, every organization wants to fill vacant roles with the best talent. Identifying top talent can be a tedious process and staffing companies have the resources and expertise to identify top performers who will do well in the advertised role and also align with the company’s vision. 

Because of their line of work, companies that offer IT recruitment solutions are constantly exposed to a talent stream, unlike in-house recruiters who only meet candidates when there is an opening to fill in the company. This exposure makes it easy for staffing agencies to spot the right fit for any position in any company.

Time-saving hiring

Chances are you are recruiting to fill a position that is already vacant, not one that will soon be vacant. That means, the sooner you get the best hands, the better for your productivity. When it comes to recruitment, extra care needs to be taken so you don’t hire someone you will need to get a replacement for soon. If you want to go the route of in-house recruitment, you will have employees with a bigger workload or who have to take on longer office hours in their bid to get the perfect hire. This already reduces the productivity of the staff.

However, outsourcing your recruitment process helps to save a great deal of time, as IT recruiters already have a pool of talents to start working with. Also, unlike your in-house HR managers, staffing agencies will stay focused on the task at hand, without distractions from other office responsibilities. This dedication and focus reduce delay and shortens the time it takes to find the perfect hire for your company.

Cost-effective hiring

Getting a new hire entails many things including advertising, interviewing, running background checks, and skill testing. In-house recruitment will, therefore, cost you a great deal of money, as you will need to cater for the listed aspects separately.

While we are in no way hinting that IT recruitment outsourcing is a free service, we can prove that it is a cost-effective solution. Like any other sector, recruitment has a technology attached to it; and working with a reputable IT recruitment company provides the numerous benefits of that technology at a low cost. The cost will be far less than the various costs associated with in-house recruitment.

You will be required to pay a single fee for IT staffing services. Yes, that single service fee will cover every cost associated with the recruitment process. Also, because they are experts in recruiting, IT recruitment companies will get hires that have the requisite skill and experience for each position. And so, you will not have to spend heavily on training them for the job once they are hired.

Temp-to-Perm Opportunities

When you make a bad hiring decision, most times, you have to dismiss that person and then start the hiring process. Costly, right? Yeah, only if done via in-house recruitment. Most IT staffing service providers offer temp-to-perm opportunities that allow you to “try out” a new hire in your workplace. 

So, they can start in your company as a temporary worker, and then, based on evaluation, you can hire them as permanent workers. 

Analytics and Insight

IT recruitment starts with data and leads again to data. Every decision made during the recruitment process is based on the documented information of the candidate. So, in addition to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the system to get top talent, outsourcing recruitment also offers you analytics that provides needed insight and stimulates your company’s growth.

Improved Scalability

Depending on your company and the regular activities carried out there, different weeks require varied labour. To avoid the financial strain of continuous employment, get temporary workers to meet your needs.

IT recruitment outsourcing allows you to scale up or scale down as your workload demands.

Hiring Regulations Compliance

Local and international recruitment regulations are constantly evolving and every company’s HR department needs to comply with them to maintain the company’s brand value.

So, even with an in-house HR department, it is necessary to hire a professional HR provider with expert knowledge of both domestic and international labour laws to ensure that the hiring process and all recruitment activities are compliant. 

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