ATOS is a major global organisation, specialising in digital solutions. Headquartered in France, it employs 105,000 people globally with a revenue of over €11billion. It has a large presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Saudi Technologies was approached to assist in both recruitment and contracted project solutions. These applied to application areas, in addition to In House technical analysis for another project.


Saudi Technologies progressed a two-phase project on the client’s behalf:


  • The recruitment aspect involved finding in-house support personnel.

We commenced by consulting with our client to fully define the roles and quantify them in terms of market norms for remuneration. That included a comparison between the new roles and existing positions within the company to ensure a dovetailing of the new roles with their current establishment in terms of seniorities and salaries etc. Our next step was to undertake a twin-path recruitment campaign. That involved both conventional advertising and a target-specific recruitment approach aimed at known individuals. Saudi Technologies conducted multiple initial candidate screenings comprising both CV reviewing and the preliminary interviewing of credible applicants. Candidates who passed this review were then shortlisted, background checked and passed to the client for consideration and further interviews.  After a final selection was made, we assisted the client in negotiations with the successful candidates.

  • ATOS recognised that following their success in securing major projects for certain of their clients, that they needed access to specific skillsets immediately.

    As experts in IT services and skilled personnel, Saudi Technologies worked with the client to assess the requirements. That included the brief to consider fast and cost-effective solutions to the skills shortfall that would not necessarily immediately add to the client’s permanent payroll establishment. After analysis, we were able to construct a proposition that involved using outsourced provider solutions. This provided expertise in two key areas:

– exploiting the huge volumes of data captured by organisations and leveraging that for business advantage;

– enterprise management software. A mission-critical area for the client.

The team was sourced by Saudi Technologies. We ensured that not only did the personnel have the required skills but also that they would be a good personality and cultural match to the client’s working environment. Part of our service included regular performance reviews with the client.

The outcome

All positions, both in-house and external project-based for clients, were fully met to the satisfaction of ATOS.