NetPear is a UK-based website and software development organisation, with its headquarters in London but serving international customers based in several countries. The company is highly regarded for its innovative design approaches and quality assurance processes.


Like virtually all high-tech solutions developers, NetPear had found difficulties in recruiting people with the right high-tech skills to support their ongoing business expansion. That was even truer for their operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recognising Saudi Technologies’ pre-eminence in the field, they approached us to assist.


Having analysed their requirements, we recognised that the skills they were looking for were in very short supply and their traditional approach to date, mainly conventional advertising, would be unlikely to succeed.

We, therefore, considered a targeted selection approach to recruitment (headhunting).

This is more commonly used for executive-level personnel but it is also required at times for highly technical roles where demand exceeds supply. However, we concluded that given the market position and the speed with which NetPear wished to move forward, this would also be unlikely to yield results within their required timescales.

As a result, we recommended that they adopt an outsourcing approach, whereby we put into place an external team of contractors comprising web developers, designers, motion graphic designers and digital marketers.

We were able to rapidly locate and mobilise the personnel, with work on the client’s project commencing quickly.


The project concluded successfully and to the client’s full satisfaction.